Dental Services

We have a range of dental service solutions which may suit your requirements or needs. Our services include complete permanent dentures, partial dentures, custom made mouthguards, relines, denture repairs and more. Learn more about our services below.

Complete Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures replace natural teeth lost due to injury or poor oral conditions. It restores a person’s aesthetics, chewing and speaking functions. It also maintains the health of oral tissues and other remaining teeth.


These can be made from  Acrylic, Metal, or Flexible material. They can also be combined together for a strong invisible denture. We can also add additional teeth over time if required. The main benefits to a partial denture are improved speech, better chewing…..


Immediate dentures are dentures that are put in ‘immediately’ after having a tooth extraction. This could be to replace any number of teeth. It may be that the prognosis is very poor for all your remaining teeth which commonly happens with severe gum disease.


As a licensed dental prosthetist and qualified dental technician we specialise in custom mouth guards, denture relines and emergency denture repairs. Find out more information below. 

A mouthguard not only helps minimise dental injury but can also reduce the severity of concussion whilst playing contact sports.
Sport, leisure and recreation activities are the most common cause of dental injuries.

As people age, their dentures don’t change, but their mouths do. If you have false teeth, they should fit and you should be wearing them. Proper care and regular dental visits are important factors for keeping your mouth healthy and your dentures in good shape.

When a dental technician repairs or adjusts dentures, he uses dental materials that are made specifically for dentures and only available to dental specialists. Only your dental prosthetist should adjust or repair your dentures.