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Dentures in Dandenong is located just minutes from major freeways, our Dandenong North surgery is conveniently located on Heatherton Road.

Providing generous free parking and easy access to our denture clinic are only two reasons to visit us. We can also arrange our mobile service if you are hospitalised, live in aged care or have limited mobility. More importantly is the high-levels of experience and skill of our dental team, thousands of patients have come to rely on and trust.

Complimentary Consultation

Does your smile require some loving care but not exactly sure what?

At our dentures in Dandenong clinic we can evaluate what is required whether it be a complete denture, partial denture or implant denture.

We will discuss all your options and decide together what products and procedures are the best fit for your individual needs.

We prescribe and make your dentures directly to you.

They are custom made for you right here in our own laboratory. The naturally shaped teeth used are selected from several quality European tooth manufacturers and techniques to meet your individual smile.

We use only the highest quality denture materials, both resilient and flexible for the best fit and fabricated to your exact requirements.

The high level of customer care, attention to detail and creating well fitting dentures at our denture clinic is not expensive. In fact, Telada Laboratory is widely known for their well-priced denture solutions. Our dentures are specially made in our advanced laboratory, saving you time and money.

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