Ask Your Dentist

ASK YOUR DENTAL PRACTITIONER…. ARE YOUR DENTURES MADE IN CHINA WITHOUT YOU BEING TOLD? This deceptive practice exists only because nobody knows it’s happening, so tell your family and friends – once the tipping point of public awareness is reached, I believe the use of Asian lab work will collapse overnight! I mean honestly, would Read More

Gum disease

KNOW MORE ABOUT GUM DISEASE Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease. Periodontal means around a tooth. Any disease involving supporting tissues and bone around a tooth is called periodontal disease. There are 2 stages of gum disease, namely gingivitis and periodontists. Gum disease can affect anyone including children. GUM DISEASE SYMPTOMS Gingivitis is the initial Read More

Denture Care

HOW LONG DO DENTURES LAST? Most dentures will last 5 – 10 years. Well planned and executed dentures would tend to be towards the upper end of this range. Some people have been wearing the same set for well beyond that, but generally an examination would reveal some problems that either required correcting, or a Read More

Dentures Cost

HOW MUCH DO DENTURES COST? In Australia expect to pay in the following range: COMPLETE DENTURE: $1500 – $2000 PARTIAL METAL FRAMEWORK DENTURE: $1500 – $2200 FLEXIBLE DENTURE: $1100 – $1500 It is hard to say exactly how much a partial denture will cost you, because there are so many variables that influence the price. Read More